The lodge is situated at a height of 1300m on the foothills of Mt.Kilimanjaro and it is just a few minutes away from Machame Gate, the entrance to the Kilimanjaro National Park. The small bustling town of Moshi which is roughly 20km from the lodge, can be reached easily thanks to the good tarmac roads.

The exclusive location of the lodge, just above a lush green valley offers direct views of Kibo with its white glaciers. Making it an ideal starting spot for Kilimanjaro climbs, Hiiking and Safaris.

In between the fascinating tropical mountain rainforest vegetaion, with its annual mild climate, you find the single bungalows nestled between the old Eucalyptus, Banana and Coffee trees aswell as a mixture of exotic colourful plants. Under the clear starlit sky, you will be guided into your sleep witht the sounds of the night. The chirr of the crickets and the laughing of the bushbabys. As the sun comes up in the morning you are greeted with the unmistakable tones of the African Hornbills and also the squealing of the blue monkeys.

This pristine location helps you to let go of everyday life and it allows our guests to be in harmony with themselves and the surrounding nature. The modern architecture of the double and single rooms, gives it an interessting contrast to its green natural bacground. The spacious rooms with their glass fronts that allows plenty of sunlight to enter and the Eucalyptus furniture all adds up together to ensure comfort of a European standard.

KALIWA Lodge Kilimanjaro 2012